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Lithuania Tech Weekly #141
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LT Life Sciences boom by Biopharma Trend

  • Not a short life. "Ageing in reverse" in many ways looks like a privilege of the few: there is plenty of hype in tech circles, while actual life expectancy is rapidly deteriorating (graph below). Similarly in Lithuania, it looks like the lowest hanging fruits (aggregate healthy years added for a total population) are around super simple ideas - such as "move & avoid terrible food".
US graph here, EU stats here
If you build startups but don’t fund them, you’re more akin to a dev shop.
If you fund startups but don’t build them, you’re an investor.

Looking at our market, we don't see 100% focused venture studios, and Kilo Health ventures seem to come closest (domain focus), along with Tesonet. Others that sometimes get involved: NFQ, Katalista Ventures, Agmis, Avia Solutions Group, Equite, and who else?

  • BY founders - BYpassing Borders accelerator aims to help startups from Belarus who have fled to CEE and support them to integrate into the local startup ecosystem.

rounds and capital

  • Kormotech, a pet-food manufacturer from Ukraine, has established a venture arm and acquired a controlling stake of Rocketo, an organic air-dried dog food brand (Open Circle Capital portfolio startup). Karmotech expanded into Lithuania setting up a new manufacturing unit in Kedainiai in 2020.


  • We asked which law firms are great for startups. Ellex takes the lead, closely followed by Sorainen, but we also see a long tail of "other" legal experts - Triniti, and Prevence got mentioned, and there are clearly more experts in the field. We think there is an opportunity for a local legal champion to emerge as this business volume will certainly grow a lot - both in transactions and their quality.


LitBAN - Managing Director (apply by Oct 15th)
Aerones - Sales Director (Riga)
Baltic Sandbox Ventures - Communication and Community Manager
Gurtam - Sales Manager
Strata - Managing Director
Nando - Sales Director
Tokitus - Project Manager
Eneba - Product Designer
RSI Europe - Tech Lead / Solution Architect
How to find startup jobs in LT
Inspired by the reader’s comment below, a practical framework for how to think, research and find the best jobs in the tech market. The early options that matter have already matured and there are just not enough high-growth early stage startups that a) are not a scam b) build products

founder's guide

further insights

1] Micro-economic studies: these find small positive impacts of hybrid WFH on productivity, and mixed impacts of fully-remote WFH (negative when it's badly managed, positive when its well-managed).
2] Macro data: this shows US productivity growth accelerated as levels of WFH have jumped, suggesting a positive impact
3] Market data: this reveals massive adoption of WFH by firms globally and mostly favorable feedback from managers, suggesting a positive impact.

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