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Repeat founders building

Repeat founders building
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Lithuania Tech Weekly #142
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work in progress

rounds and capital

  • Ama Care raised EUR 500k pre-seed round, with FIRSTPICK taking the lead and angels from Google and FARFETCH joining. Ama Care helps scan and understand beauty products better.
  • Mantas Mikuckas is backing HeavyFinance loans, putting EUR 1 m into work. HeavyFinance instrument incentivizes farmers to shift to regenerative farming practices.
  • SOLIDU equity fundraising is live here. Proof of concept is there: they do ethical & waterless beauty products with innovative packages in 100% backyard compostable boxes. Have done 1.7M€ sales (-400K€ EBITDA) & 65% GM average since inception, present in 15 markets
Solidu photo

founder's guide

Action produces information. Just keep doing stuff

further insights

  • "Industrialization and agricultural expansion do initially come at the expense of forests. But as countries get richer, this trend reverses: citizens prioritize environmental conservation more, and higher productivity allows economies to grow without needing to clear more forests for land and resources."
Cove’s company, Sun Electric Generator Corporation, based in New York, was capitalised at US$5 million (around US$160 million in today’s money). By 1909, the idea had gained widespread media attention.


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