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How to find startup jobs in LT

How to find startup jobs in LT
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Inspired by the reader's comment below, a practical framework for how to think, research and find the best jobs in the tech market.

The early options that matter have already matured and there are just not enough high-growth early stage startups that a) are not a scam b) build products that make sense. Vinted, Teso, Kilo, and others are just able to outcompete early stage startups with their late-venture powered salaries. Anyone with a desire to switch jobs would have to join companies that are just building add-ons or are scamming people. Show me a company that is in early enough stage and has a big potential upside?

This message did hit home. One of the reasons Tech Philomaths newsletter got started was to educate and encourage people to build - and join - startups. It kind of sucks if the market is tricky to navigate and talented people lack opportunities.

Lithuania has everything to offer - a mix of great stuff, as well as less attractive opportunities. Keep it smart to find the best ones for your career since it is such an important decision.

"Too few opportunities overall"

  • Don't limit to Lithuania - see across Baltics. Review portfolios or get in touch with Baltic VCs if you find a startup you would like to meet.
  • Startups with Lithuania component but launched abroad. From the US to Asia, there are plenty of tech startups with some LT connections, and quite a few of them hire locally. Some remarkable examples are Chronosphere, Argyle, CAST AI, or smaller / recent Algori, Spike Technologies.

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