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Still early days

Still early days
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Lithuania Tech Weekly #138
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work in progress

rounds and capital

founder's guide

Identify a timeless topic where you have a meaningful perspective, and have an atypical perspective.<...> Pick a format that feels the most comfortable for you, typically this is either a blog post or a conference talk. <...> Develop an explicit distribution plan to share your content.
Steve Jobs didn’t have any furniture. It didn’t matter. He’s a genius. He’s Steve Jobs. Material stuff makes no difference when you’re respected and admired for internal traits.

further insights

For years the FBI ran its own encrypted phone company to intercept messages from thousands of people around the globe. One country was critical to that operation, whose identity was unknown to the public. Until now.
Consultants using AI finished 12.2% more tasks on average, completed tasks 25.1% more quickly, and produced 40% higher quality results than those without. Those are some very big impacts.

A new study on venture returns from Pitchbook:

  • There isn't a significant performance difference between generalist and specialist funds. Specialist VC funds tend to outperform generalist funds, though this performance gap narrows considerably when generalist funds incorporate a team of specialists.
  • Firms that excel tend to be either highly generalist (with strong diversification) or highly specialist (with strong concentration in specific areas).

recovery thoughts

ambition. How do you measure ambition? Yet one can feel it in the air, and most importantly - it is contagious. So you really want this infection to spread wide.

how to gauge a community? In one study, the frequency of tech meetups proved to be the best prediction of tech ecosystem success. These "social glues" are often underestimated, but they are critical to keep energy levels high.

basketball. This comparison to LT tech strikes often. Not sure where it comes from - is it team spirit, starting as an underdog, or hunger to prove? And then - top performance that catches you by surprise.

responsibility. You're being looked at, and increasingly closely. This public scrutiny will only increase with any further success, and the cost of missteps will grow. Will most successful founders start to feel the burden of a "public figure"? I bet they somewhat do already. And yet, expectations keep growing, from "bringing new business culture", to "elevating the economy", and more than that.

centre of gravity. Strong positioning and capital at Lithuanian pre-seed and seed investors, string good pipeline of new teams - expect more of Baltic tech scene to run around Vilnius in the next several years.


Simple, tactical advice - your startup job search

Pick a startup - find a job
Inspired by the reader’s comment below, a practical framework for how to think, research and find the best jobs in the tech market. A draft -help improve this by sending your suggestions. The early options that matter have already matured and there are just not enough high-growth early stage startu…

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