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AI or not to AI?

AI or not to AI?
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Lithuania Tech Weekly #145
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Theia is a hypothetical planet-sized body believed to have existed in our early solar system, similar in size to Mars or Earth. Around 4.5 billion years ago, it’s hypothesized to have collided with Earth, with the resulting debris forming the basis for our moon (this account of the moon’s formation is known as the Giant Impact Hypothesis, and it’s currently the leading explanation for the Moon's origin). 
Now, in the deepest part of the Earth’s mantle (called the basal mantle), about 1,800 miles (2,900 km) down, it’s long been established that there are two enormous blobs of stuff that are different than everything else down there.
A group of seismologists recently ran a lot of computer simulations on these LLVPs, and had no choice but to form a fairly spectacular conclusion: they are “buried relics of Theia mantle material (TMM) that [were] preserved in proto-Earth’s mantle after the Moon-forming giant impact.” In other words, the two continent-sized blobs are fragments of Theia, inside our planet!!
How Moon came around


With more time to get to know each student personally, teachers gain a deeper grasp of the kids’ strengths and challenges. The teachers have more opportunities to tailor their instructional and emotional support to help all the students in the class reach their potential. They’re able to identify growth not only in peaks reached, but also in obstacles overcome. The nuanced knowledge they acquire about each student isn’t lost in the handoff to the next year’s teacher.
Finland and Estonia go even further. In both countries, it’s common for elementary schoolers to have the same teacher not just two years in a row but sometimes for up to six straight years. Instead of specializing just in their subjects, teachers also get to specialize in their students. Their role evolves from instructor to coach and mentor.


Bored Panda - Project Owner (content)
Hostinger - Head of Hosting
Nord Security - UX/UI Design Team Lead
SME Finance - Product Owner
Whatagraph - VP of Customer Success
LT VCA - Internship Program
Reusable Packaging Startup - Co-founder and CTO

Three actionable steps to begin career transition.
And how to research local startup ecosystem for opportunities:

Pick a startup - find a job
Inspired by the reader’s comment below, a practical framework for how to think, research and find the best jobs in the tech market. A draft -help improve this by sending your suggestions. The early options that matter have already matured and there are just not enough high-growth early stage startu…


Business productivity software is turning more process-based, argues Cal Newport, who wrote probably the most popular books on this school of thought. It makes a lot of sense - companies benefit by not leaving productivity to individual people only.

I have started using Sunsama - a digital daily planner - just recently and really like how it is structured around deep work - to an extent I've got the first-ever affiliate link here.

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