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Everything is ripe for disruption

Everything is ripe for disruption
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Lithuania Tech Weekly #120
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work in progress

Aiming for impact?
Meet the sharpest minds, creating an impact across countries and societies.

GovTech Leaders 2023 will bring together leaders from the government and technology from around the globe to R E I M A G I N E the future of an innovative public sector.

Secure your place – register (free) at www.govtechleaders.lt. Mark the calendar - 9th May, 2023, at Kablys+Kultūra event space, Vilnius.

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rounds and capital

  • Looking at Estonia and Lithuania, funding rounds Q1 2023 (obvious slowdown). LT numbers exclude smaller tickets deployed by Firstpick accelerator (here)

🇪🇪 16 deals, EUR 62m investment raised
🇱🇹 7 deals, EUR 32,6 m investment raised


Skycop - COO
Coronium - CTO
CoInvest Capital - Investment Manager and Investment Analyst
WebKontrol - Head of Content Protection
National Agency of Education - Director
doohoo - Web Developer
Ocoya - Full Stack Developer

founder's guide

Different corporate cultures benefit from different types of talent distribution (normal, Pareto, bimodal) according to the problem they’re trying to solve.

further insights

Three legal investment strategies: Be smarter than others, be luckier than others, be more patient than others. That’s the whole list.


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