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Products in need

Products in need
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Lithuania Tech Weekly #119
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Aiming for impact?
Meet the sharpest minds, creating an impact across countries and societies.

GovTech Leaders 2023 will bring together leaders from the government and technology from around the globe to R E I M A G I N E the future of an innovative public sector.

Secure your place – register (free) at www.govtechleaders.lt. Mark the calendar - 9th  May, 2023, at Kablys+Kultūra event space, Vilnius.

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rounds and capital

  • Outpost announced they are behind the defencetech in Lithuania, launching ScaleWolf - an early-stage fund and two-year accelerator. They are actively looking at all dual-use tech, and timely reminder for founders from Lux: if you are building dual-use, focus and succeed at commercial first.


founder's guide

  • Four years ago Andreas kickstarted Remote First Capital. Then covid happened. Some interesting learnings

further insights


Throughout economic history, humans have reliably, repeatedly pursued the same folly: discovering an asset or innovation, over-capitalizing it, and finally, driving it to detonate. It is a cycle of extraordinary waste and massive damage, and yet, as Janeway shows, we are often better for it. As we survey the wreckage of our latest speculations – and sprint toward new ones – there’s good reason to believe it may prove productive.

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