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Human Agency

Human Agency
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Lithuania Tech Weekly #124
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Headcount growth Nanoavioncs (left) and Vinted (right)

The goal of education must be the development human agency. This refers in particular to the ability to set and implement goals that people consider important and valuable.

First and only private equity & venture capital course in Lithuania, led by industry insiders, managing around 2B EUR in assets. This open online course, "Private Equity & Venture Capital in Practice" is dedicated to everyone interested in investments, entrepreneurship, and strategies for building and scaling successful companies.

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  • What's happening? Siim (Lemonade stand) adds nuance to the Inventure's review of the funding environment in the region. Guessing we need to wait for Vinted IPO for fresh strong talent to hit the track.
What the article doesn't mention is that there have been fewer strong founders starting out (or they decide to bootstrap longer) so the ones that do stand out get proportionally more attention compared to 2020-2021.

rounds and capital

  • PVcase has acquired Anderson Optimization, the world’s most popular solar siting software platform. The firm said it is making the acquisition to streamline the process of designing utility-scale solar power plants in EU markets.
    Congrats PVCase, will meet you at 100m ARR!
PVcase announces Anderson Optimization acquisition


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Consider the free PDF alternative. Some have gotten millions of downloads. No hassles, no time wasted, no trying to make a living on it. All the joy, in other words, without debating whether you should quit your day job (you shouldn’t!)
Main points where Europe needs to improve the most: The different and often complex regulatory environment, capital markets, the LP market, and especially, the engagement of pension funds. Tackling those three areas would result in massive upside potential for the European VC ecosystem.
But the feedback is also very clear. Europe is on the right track. The data shows that the European ecosystem is vastly improving in the eyes of its investors and that they believe it’s getting better with each passing day. We are confident that this trend will continue.

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