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photo from Cyber City opening
Monday inspiration or perspiration?
Lithuania Tech Weekly #125

Short version - Work in Progress - landing on LinkedIn,
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work in progress

Paysera marketing

Rounds and capital

  • Lietuvos Junior Achievement has launched an endowment fund Jaunaragiai. Exciting initiative - it will be used to finance continuous activities of the organization, but also invest in startups started by graduates. The first ticket went to BBright - a personalized learning platform Elicejus.
30 years anniversary, LJA


Bolt - Global Head of Sales
TransferGo - VP of Security
SME Finance - CPO
RSI Europe - Quality Assurance and Process Lead
Baltic Classifieds Group (BCG) - Autoplius.lt portal manager
Vytas' ventures - Mid-level website + branding designer
Comund0 - Backend Developer

founder's guide

4) Market Timing: The average VC fund deploys capital over 3-6 years, yet some investors attempt to time the market, waiting for valuations to decrease. In a long-dated asset category like VC, where funds have built-in time diversification, market timing is ineffective. The focus should be on deal quality and manager expertise.

further insight

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