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Incubating unicorns

Incubating unicorns
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Lithuania Tech Weekly #126

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  • Heat pumps are a huge market expanding quickly, as noted by CTVC, Noah Smith, and recently having startups listed by Sunday CET. No surprise one more just got born - Aira. The interesting part is that it is "incubated" by Vargas Holding, which has emerged as a climate juggernaut in Europe, building+investing Northvolt, Polarium, H2 Green Steel - all three unicorns. Aira is starting with GPB 30m invested and 200 people onboard, including a factory in Poland.

(is that not the right way to do a startup? Clearly, new playbooks enter the scene, especially with capital-intensive plays. Now Sam Altman says "Honestly, I feel so bad about the advice I gave while running YC I’ve been thinking about deleting my entire blog”. Instead of quick MVP, raising little cash, etc - OpenAI raised a billion and spent 4 years building first...)

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