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Flying high

Flying high
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Lithuania Tech Weekly #115

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Meet the sharpest minds, creating an impact across countries and societies.

GovTech Leaders 2023 will bring together leaders from the government and technology from around the globe to R E I M A G I N E the future of an innovative public sector.

Secure your place – register for free at www.govtechleaders.lt. Mark the calendar - 9th  May, 2023, at Kablys+Kultūra event space, Vilnius.

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rounds and capital

  • Atrandi Biosciences (Droplet Genomics) closes a EUR 4.5 m funding round led by Vsquared Ventures and joined by Practica Capital and Metaplanet. Startup will provide researchers around the world with the tools and support to accelerate scientific discovery and innovation, from individualized treatment for cancer patients to new and effective therapies for a wide range of other diseases.
  • Teachers Lead Tech closed EUR 150k angel round as the startup is aiming at the US market. In LT, the program already reached 80k kids and has received multiple awards.
  • Ventury.app lists FIRSTPICK deals (some include angels joining) for a batch of startups

    Three Cubes 255k
    Samphire Neuroscience 200k
    AMLYZE 200k
    Softloans 100k
    StackFlows 100k
    Ama Care 100k
    Psylink 100k
    beesure_ 80k
    Tractorparts 80k
    Furnisystems 80k
    MBito 50k
  • Orion Ventures joined a financing round for EyeVi Technologies, an Estonian AI-powered platform for geospatial data production.  A bridge round perhaps.


Hive5 - Affiliate Specialist
CastAI - Events and Community Manager
Innovation Agency Lithuania - Many roles
Daily Spoon - Product and Production Manager
Spark - Growth Manager
Thermowave - Marketing Manager
Stuart Energy - Salesperson
JivApp.IO - Co-Founder
Zabolis Partners - Financial Analyst

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Omnisend - Engineering Director

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