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A year like no other

A year like no other
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Hi everyone,
Lithuania Tech Weekly #110
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  • Year of horror, anniversary. LT is so much more successful in raising funds for Ukraine (compared to venture), we should be proud - just gathered EUR 14m in crowdfunding for radars. How did Ukrainian tech survive the war? Speech from Andreas, CEO of Beetroot. Another story - how Welltech grew despite the war. Sifted talks to six founders.
  • Fintech. 14 Fintechs investors are watching, including Amlyze. NFQ will build platform for BeMyBond. HeavyFinance launches Green Loans - is there a better angle than Climate Fintech these days? (AI+Climate we think). One LT Fintech has been hiring lately (graph below), can you guess which? In terms of the overall ecosystem, LB reports newcomer numbers keep growing. We will have someone to comment on this next week.

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rounds and capital


Invalda INVL - CEO
Kilo - CEO for One of the Kilo Health Products
Planner 5D - Marketing Designer
Eliq - Customer Technical Support Engineer
TractorParts - Marketing Project Manager
Breezit - Lead Researcher
Private Equity and Venture Capital Association - paid internship (newsletters!)
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Giulio Mattioli, a transport professor at Dortmund University, notes that almost nowhere in the world that has removed a big road, or pedestrianised a shopping street, has decided to reverse course. “Once people see [the benefits], they generally don’t want to go back.”

(Hold my beer - say candidates for Vilnius Mayor)

  • Not many essays retain value over a longer time, but Solitude and Leadership does. "If you want others to follow, learn to be alone with your thoughts".
  • The most important Big Tech algorithm there? How couples meet.

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