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On repeat

On repeat
photo by Vilnius University
Lithuania Tech Weekly #172
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rounds and capital

  • Latvian Cellbox Labs raised EUR 935K from Buildit VC, with participation of angels from LatBAN managed by Girts Licis and Ansis Spridzans, and ASP Asset Management AIFP. This investment will enable Cellbox Labs to complete the development of our automated organ on chip culturing platform and start sales.
  • Estonian VOOL - EV charging startup - raised EUR 300k from Alexela.


    • The Knotty Ones are putting their mission at the forefront and have already raised EUR 183k on Crowdcube (150k goal), from 100+ investors. They generated EUR 3.4m in revenue in the last three years.
    • Alfa Klase helps 12-th grade students prepare for math exams, early signs for PMF, raising pre-seed.


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founder's guide

  • 4 Traits of Successful Founders – do you agree?
    • Ability to Sell
    • Persistence
    • Clear Ethics
    • Customer Obsession
  • Eight Green Flags for finding the right co-founder, from Jonas Urbonas.
  • This resonates – I am always happy to chat with someone about content ideas (would love to see more operators/VCs sharing ideas), but consistency is by far the biggest challenge.

further insights

You accept that in choosing who you spend time with you choose who you are.
Almost everyone who’s unhappy is unhappy because they feel isolated. The best cure for isolation is a strong friend group. So much of happiness is having someone you can get a last-minute dinner with on a Monday night, or ask to water your plants while you’re gone for a week. The opposite of loneliness, as it were.
You show up: you go to your friends’ birthday parties. You ask them to read your writing. You make an effort to make nice with whoever they date.


Early-stage startup jobs, Baltics
Join the leadership team before Series A

VintedGo - Decisions Scientists / Data Analysts
Hostinger - Chief Risk Officer
oxipit - Senior Marketing Manager
Eliq - Head of Finance
TutoTOONS - Digital Advertising Manager
Oxylabs - Growth Manager
Walk15 - Sales Manager
CarVertical - Influencer Marketing Manager

Nord Security is building a new team for Saily, their new eSIM product (designers, engineers, content, PPC)

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