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Help save, help make

Help save, help make
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Lithuania Tech Weekly #168
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Rebecka Löthman Rydå, Investment Director, Inventure

Is early-stage investing scalable across different cities? What works for Inventure, and what is challenging about that?

  • Ever since Covid most of our meetings with companies are online, we write checks in companies these days even when we haven’t met the founders in person. We source a lot of companies through our deal flow automation engine. So I would say it definitely scales.
  • With that said I do believe that spending the time in these cities and build strong relationships with the local angels and funds matter a lot as well. The day zero capital players that have built strong trust in the local ecosystem. 

How can Baltic founders position themselves to get better noticed by Nordic VCs?

  • Show you have a very big and bold vision, with huge potential, show your execution abilities and bias to action, show your passion and knowledge for the space, speak through your early users and customers love. 
  • Get a warm intro from one of the portfolio founders or from angels/investors we know and trust.
  • Or just reach out, but do the work when you reach out, make sure you target the relevant partner and write a crisp email with the information we need. 

What are your most "hard-to-learn" lessons over a decade-long investment career?

  • The power of knowing what you don’t know. The dunning kruger effect is real.
  • Feedback loops are long in VC you can believe you are a rockstar one year and not the next year. Stay humble.
  • Founders are your number one stakeholder, be a great value adding partner in ups and downs. Play the long game. 
  • Build real relationships that will last and avoid the transactional approach. Give first. 
  • Stay a dreamer with a curious mind. It’s easy to turn a cynic. 


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