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Repeat Founders - the list

Repeat Founders - the list
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Why serial entrepreneurship is so important? Interestingly, in many ways, it becomes harder to start again. Just like NVIDIA's CEO just said - "no, I would not start again if I knew what it would take". For repeat founders, naivete is gone - they all know how hard it is to build a company. Fear of failure - the feeling that "everyone is watching". Aiming very high, resisting to iterate - because this next thing got to be huge. So this serial founder barrier is real - and kudos to all who proceed no matter what, as they have probably already become "unemployables" (Plural's term). Few studies (but not all...) find that serial founders can be more successful than first-time founders, but let's leave it to them in Lithuania to create this performance dataset.

Name Building Previous Venture
Mantas Mikuckas Vinted Interdata
Einaras von Gravrock Cube3 AI CUJO
Aurimas Bakas CyberUpgrade Paysolut, MARGUARD
Andrius Minkevicius CyberUpgrade Paysolut
Tomas Slimas Saltz Oberlo
Andrius Slimas Saltz Oberlo
Viktoras Jucikas Genus AI YPlan
Vytis Uogintas Eneba Helis LT
Vladas Jurkevicius Humbility, Eldorado Helis LT, other
Andrius Sutas Simple Construction Software AimBrain
Martynas Nikolajevas Arrilo Veleza
Laimonas Noreika AskToSell Zitycity
Karolis Januskas AskToSell Ziticity
Laimonas Noreika HeavyFinance FinBee
Edmundas Balcikonis Eddy Travels (Trip Add) TrackDuck
Monika Katkute Teachers Lead Tech Lemon Labs
Tadas Deksnys Billo Unboxed Network
Artūras Asakavicius Breezit WePower Network
Ignas Survila Tyler Health Citybirds
Tadas Cekavicius InfiniteReps Fullreach
Mantas Urnieža InfiniteReps Fullreach
Algimantas Padegimas InfiniteReps Fullreach