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Community CTA

Community CTA
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Lithuania Tech Weekly #159
X and LinkedIn for fractional
Send ideas and tips anonymously here

Subscriptions are invite-only, add a friend at philomaths.tech
Finally - you can become a supporter via Contribee

Hey friends! It took 3 years to build your trust, approx 180 weekly letters.
I hope we are landing on the right spot.

  • Content remains open for all (but invite-only, and everyone has 1 invite)
  • Privileged to receive support from a group of core sponsors, who decided to get onboard. 6 slots booked, two are available.
  • There will be more content, a Slack channel and in-person dinners happening.
  • I need your support, too! Jump on Contribee and select what works for you. You will get to invite more people, join a Slack channel and take part at future events.

P.S. First 30 supporters (any tier) will get something great to wear, so hurry up.

accuracy of the product is not guaranteed and is subject to change without further notice

P.S.2. Many don't know who is behind Tech Philomaths and seemingly want to know. I happy to send linkedin invite and calendly link for all supporters, and even more happy to jump on a call if you'd like. You can choose not to have a call :)

work in progress

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