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History rhymes

History rhymes
Photo by Oskaras Verbickas on Unsplash
Lithuania Tech Weekly #158
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work in progress

  • Baltic funding trends, really good data from Change Ventures and FIRSTPICK. Growth rounds returning. Valuations are somewhat compressed but with huge disparity within. Series A needs to rebound!
  • AI. Just a "Chat GPT wrapper" or venture-scale startup? For byFounders, Magnus wants to envision a sustained edge - how will this team continue building their moat? That often relies on the unique dataset, which your product enables to collect.

    Have seen the "nerd party" meme? Famous photo was taken at the International Mathematical Olympiad held in Poland in 1997. Fast forward 27 years, Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs appoints AI advisory team, which will develop AI recommendations for the government. The initial group of AI experts (ex-Googlers, ex-SpaceX folks) decides to recreate the famous photo:
1997 Mathematical Olympiad and 2024 AI Advisory Council 🇵🇱

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