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Conversation starters

Conversation starters
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Lithuania Tech Weekly #170
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  • E-commerce. Not easy anymore, even Kim Kardashian fund struggles to raise what they want. Nevertheless, starting with Printify and Printiful, Latvia is our e-commerce powerhouse next door. Prime Prometics’ revenue reached nearly $24M, jumping from $7M in 2022. Fast growing, too, is Supliful, closed at about EUR 5m sales last year, agreed on mezzanine loan of up to €2 million with FlyCap. In LT, Paulius is bootrapping LupaSearch to the next phase, and will get there. Emilis and Irtaute launched Brand1 Ventures to support health/wellness brands scaling profitably.
  • A few Lithuanian scale-ups worth tracking, although team size is never a perfect indicator. All in tens of millions revenue. One is not VC-backed. Can you guess at least two of these?

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