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Fast, light and versatile

Fast, light and versatile
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Lithuania Tech Weekly #96
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rounds and capital

  • BeZero, Contrarian Ventures portfolio startup, closes $50m series B round, very significant for climates startups this year. Watch new markets getting shaped.


Hiring? Now you can drop a link to your job posting here, and select to show one or two weeks. As you know, this will be in front of the very top talent LT has.


I was educated at Oldham Sixth Form College and Oxford University. In both places I met clever and hard-working people with good values. It surely tells us something that none of them have gone into politics. They are making significant contributions to the law, the creative industries, science, business and the caring professions but Westminster leaves them cold. If Britain is to thrive, that must change.

founder / operator guide

A less obvious point — but a very important one — is to remember that this period is extremely challenging for everyone no matter how outwardly successful, confident, and happy they appear.


Perhaps even more important: Researchers found that painted bike lanes provided no improvement on road safety. And their review earlier this year of shared roadways — where bike symbols are painted in the middle of a lane — revealed that it was actually safer to have no bike markings at all.
“We found they’re worse than nothing. You’re better off doing nothing,” Marshall said. “It gives people a false sense of security that’s a bike lane. It’s just a sign telling cyclists it might just be there.”

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