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Parkis bike lifts at Cyber City offices
Morning folks - it's Friday and we are back
Lithuania Tech Weekly #97
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  • Q3. What is actually happening with startup performance? Market correction mostly is in the US, it does affect  EU, but to a lesser extent. It also affects growth funding more than the early stage. Lithuania lives with both a) slowdown in venture rounds b) growth in performance. How come? Financing challenge has mostly been local (less capital available), while the vast majority of growth comes from larger scale-ups, which are either profitable or well-funded. Unicorns LT report Q3 2022 compares to Q3 2021 to find +45% increase in taxes paid,  +14% increase in average salaries, +18% growth of employees working in startups.

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InRento - COO
StackFlows - Sales Executive (stock options)
Turing College (grew 5x) - Engineers (stock options)
Oxylabs - Product Marketing Manager
Imaguru - Community Program Manager
Govtech Lab - Coordinators and Event Organizer
Uncommon.lt - Strategic Partner for Business Development & Operations
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