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The pains of growing

The pains of growing
Photo by Mantas Bytautas / Unsplash
Good morning philomaths!
Lithuania Tech Weekly #70
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The big news is Eimantas' (co-founder of MailerLite) upcoming reveal on what has been happening before the $90 m acquisition. He is about to tell more on attempts to take over his shares, legal processes, and some other nasty tactics within the firm. All the things we don't want to (but absolutely need to) hear.

Growing ecosystem brings inevitable pains along. Higher stakes (and maybe big moneys) expose some bad actors. The earlier, the better. Best ecosystems function all based on trust and pay-forward principle, which means your reputation is pretty much everything. This applies both for founders and investors. Thus having some early and very public lessons will take us long way. It takes courage to speak out, thanks Eimantas!

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