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We run a top-quality weekly tech newsletter for the Lithuanian tech community. The newsletter is read by founders, teams at Lithuanian startups, as well as most active angels and a large majority of VCs (both from LT and the region).

Tech Philomaths is an independent publication, written by founders who have high hopes for the Lithuanian ecosystem.

Subscribers 920
Monthly subscriber growth 30 subscribers per month
Email open / click rate 62% / 22%
Profile Founders; startup employees, angel investors, VCs
Frequency Friday every week
Slots per issue 1 slot
Price EUR 159 + VAT

Keep it short and put a clear title. If we feel that it can be improved, we are happy to help. We are optimizing for tone and genuine interest, not necessarily clicks. The types of ads our readers like:

  • Hiring a new team
  • In search of executive, co-founder, board member, advisor
  • Fundraising a round
  • Top-quality event
  • Services for startups

Example ad - for inspiration

New Product team with Sync
We are building a new team with, to target the Southern European e-commerce market. Our tech stack integrates with local banks in the region, and cuts checkout time by 80%, massively improving customer experience. is on the lookout for ambitious and talented CPO, back-end engineers and growth marketers. Competitive salary + stock options. Based Kaunas and /or remote. Learn more here, roles here.

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