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Founders, friends and foes

Founders, friends and foes
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"All good, thanks"
Lithuania Tech Weekly #57
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rounds and capital

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founder guides


  • Understanding stock market? Don't bother, "the market is no longer driven by fundamentals—it’s driven by memes. No longer a metaphor, but a living structure—the stonk market." The Gamification of Finance
  • How will the Apple car look like? Let's start with the doors, if they'll use this patent.
  • Amazon ad revenue is $31bn in 2021 - roughly the same size as the entire global newspaper industry
  • Now Physical Jobs Are Going Remote Too

(thanks for submiting - reply to suggest, especially early stage teams)

Whatagraph - Product Designer
DappRadar - VP of Engineering
Zyro - Customer Experience and Sales Manager
Neurisium (AI startup) - SDR
Synder - Influencer Marketing Manager
Women Go Tech - Product Director
Montonio - B2B Sales Specialist


  • When the ecosystem grows, it diversifies. One emerging field - PropTech - has just launched an association (release in LT), to support and inspire entrepreneurs in real estate, and related services.  

    Leveraging awareness and Lithuania's market as the perfect playground to develop and test PropTech products, they intend to x10 startups in this industry. Estimated around 30 teams are currently active.
  • There's only one direction in this grahp - up, and a good reminder that costs are not the factor of startup output, productivity is. Source