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Carnegie 2.0

Carnegie 2.0
Photo by Marius Karotkis / Unsplash
Happy Friday!
Lithuania Tech Weekly #58
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rounds & capital

New IT hub in town! SME Finance Ecosystem is building a team of 50+ developers in-house to meet the needs of the rapidly growing alternative financial services provider. With the expansion to LV, EE, FI and other European markets you will have interesting challenges to build innovative fintech solutions.

We can boast to have one of the best views of Vilnius from the 18th floor, the usual benefits from snacks to days off, and properly good salaries (seriously, they are that good😉)

Oh, and we are also looking for the Master Architect to lead the IT Hub - more here (or reach out directly)



  • Why the New York Times has acquired Wordle in low seven figures? (audience)
  • We eat more during the flight because of noise (and other reasons)
  • What is the superpower of cities? They are anti-fragile. Cool new newsletter for you. (Note that superpower of countries are institutions - and small democratic economies outperform the rest)
  • Devastating presentation Blackwells has put on Peloton. Includes "hiring McKinsey is a clear declaration of failure" and other mighty hits.
  • Sebastian Mallaby releases a new book - on power law, but more importantly, asking what is venture capital good for? Here's fun podcast with Matthew Clifford. (As economic models evolve, they require new operational/organizational frameworks, including financing. Venture is a solution for the new idea-driven economy, where experiments, brave bets, and iterations are a must. So VC not going away anytime soon).
  • The remarkable Baltic performance told again by Sifted  

founder's guide

roleplay (hit reply to add your job opening)

J12 (Swedish early stage VC) - Associate
Startuper's Smoothies - Head of Marketing
Discontract - VP of Engineering
Trafi - Senior Product Manager
Fullreach - PHP Developer (new Realthy platform)
LT Startup Tribe & Blockchain Center - Project Manager
Curtains Calculator - SDR


Fascinating dive into US public libraries, and how they were scaled across the country. The effect is far beyond buildings & spaces - they shaped new institutions, practices, and mindsets. What is Library 2.0 of our age?

"If Bezos wanted to invest in libraries on a scale comparable to Carnegie, it would cost more than 30 billion dollars". Here's the blueprint:

  • Put some truly massive grants on the table
  • Leverage the activism of those passionate about the future
  • Come up with conditions that guarantee sustainability over time
  • Fund something adaptable, that can be a framework for future needs
  • Fund something that scales as cheaply as construction in 1901
  • Find a niche with huge demand and need (take your pick!)
  • Build a simple process run by capable administrators
  • Surpass Carnegie by prioritizing equity

Thank you and see you again next week!