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There is no moat

There is no moat
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rounds & capital

Learnoverse is the first-ever Learning Metaverse with Learn & Earn token economy and NFTs. The ambition is to create a decentralized education ecosystem with the metaverse as a social space and a new medium of learning.

Learnoverse is built on top of BitDegree and will inherit its 1.2 million users and Web3 education focus to start with. BitDegree & Learnoverse has a team of 40+ people in Vilnius & Kaunas offices and is looking for Senior Executives (COO & CMO) to power its growth.

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Dr.Vet - CEO
Sun Investment Group - Senior B2B Sales Manager
KOOS - Business Development Executive
Karma Ventures - Head of Marketing


what if it went right?

Glosendas provides custom solutions for worldwide data collection, transfer, storage and processing using proprietary state-of-the-art solar-powered GPS/GSM devices (trackers) with record-breaking weights - as low as 10 grams and beyond.

While sounding like a niche, we are entering a rapidly expanding market as vast new funding is getting assigned for all things climate monitoring and adaptation, including research on changing environmental patterns. Consider Saildrone — uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs) - which raised $100m series C just to explore world's oceans. Glosendas might be positioned for impressive growth.