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Opportunity cost

Opportunity cost
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Lithuania Tech Weekly #79
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rounds & capital

  • AVIA Capital (Poland) and LitCapital investing EUR 7 m in EV charger developer and producer Elinta Charge. A sound growth round after taking EUR 0.4m debt from VIVA last year. Interesting - "Elinta Charge will use the funding from AVIA Capital, which specialises in scaling up innovative companies, to explore production opportunities in Poland, benefiting from the country’s strong automotive component sector, supportive R&D policy and infrastructure, as well as its proximity to key EU markets."
  • WAU, UK eBike maker led by Linas Pozerskis, secured £650,000 in Angel Investment Network cash
  • Contrarian Ventures are rumoured to raise the second found capped at EUR 100m - Bloomberg reports. CTVC just released latest climate tech investment report - activity set to increase YoY, there is still some hope for the planet.
  • Presto Ventures (GoRamp investors) launches €30M fund to support (support or generate return?) CEE startups.
  • Justina Banyte joining FLXBL.no (training app in Norway) seed round
  • Amadeus invests in CHOOOSE (Contrarian portfolio) to offer carbon
    emissions information and climate action options.

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