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Ladies and gentleman
Lithuania Tech Weekly #89
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rounds and capital


Imaguru Hub - Community and Program Manager
Linen Tales - General Manager
Startup Lithuania - Intern
SAME Solutions - BDR
ConnectPay - Account Executive
CoinGate - UX designer

founder guide

  • "Fast scaling has massive downsides: startups that scale more quickly fail more, but are no more likely to succeed than those that scale slower. Why? Because scaling marks the end of experimenting. Startups that scale after lots of experiments succeed." - Mollick is a great account to follow.
  • Atomico European Tech report - we would all benefit if LT players would spend time to share views.
  • Handy - last chance to get free tickets to Websummit Lisbon
  • Podcasts - we added some really good ones on top! One of late Lenny's with Julian Shapiro (growth, retention, writing) is very informative.