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New Dawn

New Dawn
Photo by Denis Zalevskiy / Unsplash

Brave Ukrainians are fighting for their (and our own) freedom - a defining moment in recent history. It will define how the evil Kremlin regime will lose, fall, and pay for atrocities they have created.

Startups and tech companies in LT

  • Stopped working with Russia/Belarus markets (Omnisend, Paysera, others)
  • Helping colleagues to locally in Ukraine, also to relocate and escape war (Wix, Nordcurrent, Frontu, Surfshark, Revolab, many others)
  • Supporting Ukraine based companies (emotional support - Mindletic, others)
  • Donating to multiple organizations, volunteering (many)
  • Actively trying to hire Ukrainians, remote and relocated to Lithuania

How to support

Follow what is happening

Twitter accounts, in English

The answer is yes, and the list for the Tribunal will be lenghty