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The Kyiv Independent

The Kyiv Independent
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Welcome back friends, sorry for the silence

Lithuania Tech Weekly #60
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Decades happened in the last two weeks. It continues to unfold without any clear final outcome. Is it a long war ahead? Is there further escalation? Is putin's regime to implode soon? Whatever he was expecting, it certainly turns out the opposite - NATO, EU (and certainly Baltics) are stronger, more united, and Ukraine is much closer to Western integration. At the same time, Russia's regime is weakened in all possible aspects and is now in uncharted territory with massive sanctions (dictators - take notes).

In the context of war, I guess we are all feeling our day-to-day is trivial and not important to discuss. It's hard to focus. But we also get inspired to see Lithuanians stepping up to support our suffering neighbours. Tech companies were one of the first ones to react - ceasing RU/BY operations and organizing, supporting, donating for Ukrainians. This is also a reminder of what we have achieved, and how much now we are able to help others.

Let's continue in two directions. First, helping as much as we can. Second, keep building - a better future, a stronger nation, a more resilient society, and more impactful companies.

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Brolis Semiconductors / Defence - Engineers, Sales
VSight - Business Development Representative
FittyAI - Partnerships Manager
Montionio - B2B Sales Rep
Convious - Data Team Lead
Verifo - Product Owner and BD
Bill0 - SDRs and AE
The Knotty Ones - Financial Controller