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Keeping sanity is part of the battle

Keeping sanity is part of the battle
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Hello all, hope all well
Lithuania Tech Weekly #62
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Trying to keep up, despite all? You are not alone. The same goes for the founders fundraising, uncertainty tends to slow down decisions.

work in progress

rounds and capital

  • Orion is investing in MoreMins (numbers not disclosed), which aims to become virtual telco.
  • Openface has raised EUR 305K from Belgian VC fund Pitchdrive and Cyprus D2 Ventures. The company will use these funds to ML-development, marketing and the platform. Openface became cash positive since December 2021. Relocated to LT in 2019 - what is not to like?
  • FittyAI selected for EIE Investor Readiness Programme, delivered by the Bayes Centre at the University of Edinburgh

blog posts

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founder guide


Hire Ukrainians in Vilnius - Eddy's post
Tourastio - Co-founder (CTO, CMO)
Planet Positive - Co-founder
Oxylabs - Head of Product
AAG Ventures - Product Designer
Chronosphere - Engineering Manager



  • 70V and 500Leaders have partnered to launch B2B Sales Academy. It is free, scalable, and the method has proven success across multiple Lithuanian startups.