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Colts roaming

Colts roaming
Photo by Marius Karotkis on Unsplash
Lithuania Tech Weekly #178
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work in progress

  • The headline comes from Bloomberg, but behind new labels is Saul Klein (LocalGlobe). The idea is super simple – let's focus on revenue instead of valuations, which are way too volatile. (We need Saul to spend more time in the Baltics, where this has been the founder mindset for a long time). Tech firms, bringing in at least $100m in revenue annually, are suggested to be called "thoroughbreds", while startups with a minimum of $25m revenue – “colts.” Here's a quick look at LT:
Thoroughbreds (EUR 100m+)Colts (EUR 25m - EUR 100m)
Nord SecurityNordcurrent
Kilo HealthCarVertical
Orbio WorldTransferGo
Bored Panda

(marked with *where they are very close to the number, or data is not publicly available). Anything missing?

However, this is merely the beginning. Our product roadmap is filled with exciting innovations that are yet to come, and we’re on track for unicorn status by 2025.

rounds and capital

AKO trike tilting system


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  • Excited to be hosting a founder breakfast in Vilnius - we have Magnus Hambleton from byFounders, early-stage New Nordics investor. Register here - limited spots, it will be fun to meet in person.

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