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Simple, not easy

Simple, not easy
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Lithuania tech weekly #51

Merry Christmas!
New Year = new dress for LT Tech Weekly
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What a year to close - and let's do it next week, anyways. One should never count the numbers too early: startup founders, just like the best students, close these rounds 2 hours before Christmas Eve. Here we go-

work in progress

rounds and capital

founder guide


  • Meaning. Gig workers find meaning by creating games - focused on efficiency, or service. Pattern from factory workers.
  • Speed of sound. Looking globally - there will be more startups, they grow bigger, and they grow (at least in value) much, much faster.  
  • Rise of 10X class. When “imperfect substitution” is combined with “joint consumption technologies,” the result is “the possibility for talented persons to command both very large markets and very large incomes
  • House Money partly explains crypto investment flows. The space is wild, but we are concerned too much talent is doing speculation (instead of innovation).
  • Europe's wealthiest founders, on paper (Sifted)


SME Finance - Country Manager (Finland)
GoRamp - Head of People
Woola - Head of Marketing (Estonian, just raised)
Podbase (Print On Demand Service) - CEO


One simple boost for this little country is to become more demanding for the public sector. For that you equally have to become more rewarding - and government should be attractive for our top talent. Now after each election we get a new CEO (Prime Minister) with ambitious plans and... 50% of required payroll budget. Fixing this system must be top priority - otherwise we will see reforms fail due to human factors.

Let's end here wishing this Christmas miracle next year. Have a lovely day and thanks for being loyal readers!

P.S. Many thanks Rasa, Arūnas, Odilija for the mentions