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Light breaking

Light breaking
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Lithuania Tech Weekly #176
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  • Agencies. Globalization began with the trade of goods and advancements in transport like ships and trains. It accelerated further with the advent of communications—placing an overseas factory order became much easier with email. We expected services to undergo a similar transformation with tools like Zoom, enabling professionals like lawyers to operate from low-cost locations. However, this shift has only partially materialized. Incentives remain strong, so business models will evolve accordingly. An example is the traditional agency service model, historically unscalable except through franchising. Now, startups and creators are reimagining it with new approaches: productized services, recurring revenue, no meetings, scalable delivery teams, and more.. Have you seen this in the Baltics? beCreatives could be one. From the startup scene, Billo navigated close to the model, although it's a marketplace for creators, too. CGtrader combines marketplace with their own delivery service.
  • Indie. How to be extra productive as an indie hacker. What is the ultimate flex as a successful indie hacker? Possibly getting a house with no mortgage, paid with "wifi money" – see Erikas and Modestas. Also, Erikas did a talk on his journey, how to turn from a designer into an entrepreneur.
  • People moves. oxipit announced Peter Corscadden as the new CEO to drive global expansion; Gediminas Peksys will transition to Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer role. Ignas Budvytis is joining Cambridge Innovation Capital as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR). Lukas from Vinted joins another cool emerging marketplace - buycycle in Germany. Jorgen Persson joins Salesforge. Kaidi is stepping down from Funderbeam, will be on the Board of the Group.


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