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Grow - else is secondary

Grow - else is secondary
Photo by Jean-Benoit Van Haeperen - thank you
Lithuania Tech Weekly #151
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Your Guide To Securing Up To $100K in AWS Credits

Your Guide To Securing Up To $100K in AWS Credits | Cloudvisor
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rounds and capital

founder's guide

  • Thinking about what to build? Andreessen Horowitz Big Ideas 2024.
  • Takeaways from Vimcal's raise (took 11 months and 181 investor meetings)

If you want to work directly with founders, you’re better off joining an actual startup. Your involvement with the founding team will peak during the diligence process, and then it will wane off from there.
Venture capital rewards being solely focused on your job for long periods of time. If you have any plans of being multi-faceted and not obsessed with your work, there are better careers for you.
Most VCs are extremely lonely in their day-to-day. Small teams and saying “no” all day will do this to you.

further insights

  • Another good piece from Will Larson, CTO at Carta (he was in charge of the UBER team in Vilnius years ago). Now writes about Writers Who Operatethe .
It’s not that non-operators don’t detect these shifts, they certainly do, but it’s exceptionally challenging to quickly build confidence in a large change when operating on second-hand information. Operators get a lot wrong too, but it’s my experience that self-aware operators will get direct information earlier and be in a better position to evaluate it.


  • EU keeps failing to show they understand regulation is a necessary tradeoff, but not an achievement on its own. There can be positives - regulation can drive innovation, it can support smaller players, and keep competition tight. But the EU Commission should be getting very concerned about the reputation and narrative. To be brutally honest, Europe is just a consumer of all major online platforms (Meta, Google, Apple), have not yet seen any real benefits of GDPR/cookie laws, and still almost is at ground zero in the global AI race. So more things to do, besides the urgency to "regulate".

  • PISA. Not sure what might upset you more - our poor ranking or a global decline? (The best guess regarding this is kids being on the phones all the time). We are concerned that in the public debate locally, nobody seems to be too concerned. Business as usual.
Estonia is 600 km away